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  • Buy It, Rent It, Bank It Book: This brand-new hot off the press book will show you everything you need to know to make a killing in multi-unit cash flowing property deals, starting with little money and experience
  • Three (3) Powerful Unsecured Cash Resources: You MUST have money to put into real estate to get started.  The good news is that I have 3 resources that can help you get up to $750,000 in unsecured cash that you can use for your real estate deals.
  • Cash Flow Evaluator (CFE) Tool: Use this spreadsheet software tool to quickly calculate the cash flow of any property deal within minutes. The general rule is that you should NEVER walk into a deal until you know what the cash flow is. Our software will show you exactly how much the property deal you're looking at is worth. If the property is in the negative, it'll show you how much to lower the purchase price to make it a cash flowing property. You must have Microsoft Excel to be able to operate this software spreadsheet software tool.
  • My "Famous" $200K to $1 Million Report:  Hands down, this little report is THE REPORT you need if you want to understand HOW to use these unsecured cash resources to build up a real estate empire in record speed.  I have given this rare report out at various seminars and in certain mentorship groups.  If I were to put my "secret" to cash flow real estate in as few words as possible, it is in THIS REPORT that you'll find my CORE SECRET in getting passive income real estate investments in NO TIME FLAT using NONE of your own money.  This report is only 4 pages but make no mistake...this is THE REPORT that you need to fully understand how to use OPM to get started in real estate from scratch...starting with little or no money.

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